Single Awareness Day

T-minus one day until Valentine’s Day and I know that for the single people out there you are saying “Oh Boy”in the most sarcastic way possible.  I know Valentine’s Day is probably a day that you dread but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are ways that you can can enjoy this day without having a significant other.  I mean why should all of the couples have all the fun, you are the one that isn’t tied down in a relationship.

A great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to spend it with the people that you love.  Spend it with your best friend (or bro’s), spend it with your parents, or your grandparents, or your pet.  Don’t be all down in the dumps because you don’t have someone special on this day.  Chances are that there is someone out there that really cares about you. 

Most guys really don’t care about Valentine’s Day unless they have a girlfriend.  However for those that care I have some tips for you!  A great way to spend the day is to get your favorite food.  I mean lets be real, you know you love food.  Also here is an idea, what better way to make yourself feel better than to make someone else feel good.  Go out and get a bouquet of flowers.  Throughout the day give away a flower to someone you think deserves one. 

Girls are a little bit more complicated and I think that everyone can agree on that.  For all of those who are of age, get a nice bottle of wine, sit down with a friend and some delicious food and put on your favorite chick flick.  One of my favorite ideas is a couple months before Valentine’s Day call a local flourist and place an order of flowers for yourself.  Not only will it hopefully surprise you but you will enjoy  the beautiful looking flowers.  If that still doesn’t float your boat talk to another one of your single friends.  Maybe you can be each other’s Valentine.  You can take each other out and gives gifts.  But if you need a nice pick me up, walk into your local grocery store.   More than likely it looks like Cupid threw up flowers, chocolates and gigantic teddy bears.  Take a step back and think, “hey I don’t have to buy any of this crap”.  Ok maybe you’ll buy yourself flowers but you don’t have to spend your money on a gift for your significant other. 

I hope that some of these suggestions make your “single awareness day” more enjoyable.  Just remember that you do not need another person to make yourself happy.  As long as you are happy with yourself, then you don’t need anything else in life from another person.  Enjoy tomorrow, and try not to each too much chocolate. 

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